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Wix partners with Square to help restaurants simplify operations

SaaS platform Wix has expanded its integration with Square, enabling restaurant owners to sync their Wix Restaurants site with their Square accounts.

Through the integration, restaurant owners who are utilising Square for Restaurants or Square Point of Sale (POS) can now manage their catalogue including categories, items, images, descriptions and full menus directly from the Wix platform.

This is said to help them sell quicker by cutting down the need to enter the information into different systems.

Furthermore, updates made on Square will be synced automatically to Wix.

Wix Restaurants vice president Adam Garfield said: “We’re continuing to open our platform and welcome powerful integrations that can help business owners thrive. Many restaurants face operational challenges juggling multiple channels to orchestrate online and in-house orders, delivery services, the kitchen, and more.

“Our integration with Square brings a solution to help restaurants get back time that would have been spent on duplicative efforts from using multiple platforms. Now, restaurants can focus on providing quality service to more customers, generating more revenue, and growing their business.”

The orders received through Wix can also be sent directly to the Square system.

With this ability, restaurant owners can easily connect their Wix online ordering with existing hardware for a more streamlined workflow, stated Wix.

This is said to boost efficiency and eliminate the requirement for separate tablets.

Sales reports can also be consolidated automatically from the two systems, giving the owners an easy view of sales from the Wix site within the Square Dashboard.

Square partners and developers global head Vijay Vachani said: “Wix’s expanded integration with Square gives restaurants the combined power of two best-in-class platforms. Restaurants can now synchronise their online ordering between the two to reduce time-consuming, manual tasks, and streamline their operations.

“It’s now easier than ever for restaurants who already have websites on Wix to shift their on-premise operations to Square.”

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