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Unpacking restaurant reviews | Grubhub For Restaurants

Your restaurant serves thousands of customers a year. From your trusted regulars to eager diners who stumble upon your menu, your dining experience leaves an impression on your patrons. Capturing these impressions through restaurant reviews can help drive business and increase awareness of your restaurant.

Word of mouth matters. If a patron devours your mouth watering sushi and lets their friend know about it, there’s a high chance the friend will want to try it out for themselves. In fact, 94% of diners in the US are directly influenced by online reviews when deciding on a restaurant. Restaurant reviews directly influence consumer decisions. That’s why generating conversation about your restaurant is key to driving business.

Why restaurant reviews matter

Ratings and reviews can make or break a restaurant. Between customers, social media influencers and critics, positive reviews can have diners lining up at your doors while negative reviews can drive potential customers away from your business. Any reviews you collect will lead to an increased awareness of your restaurant. Not only do they act as social proof amongst potential customers, but they also improve SEO – making it easier for diners to find your restaurant online.

5 tips to encourage 5-star restaurant reviews

All restaurant owners are looking to create the perfect dining experience, but how can you encourage customers to drop a 5-star restaurant review?

1. Invite feedback

Once a satisfied diner finishes your delicious burger, they may want to boast about their experience to others. But how can they share their thoughts in a way that will intrigue potential customers? Diners won’t be able to give feedback if you don’t give them a place to do so.

There are many ways you can encourage your customers to leave a review. Creating a feedback link and attaching it to a QR code will allow diners to easily scan the code and leave a review right on their phones. You can direct your QR code to a review platform like Google Business or your restaurant’s website. Try adding this code to the bottom of receipts so that diners can leave a review as they are taking care of their check. You can also print QR code cards to throw into takeout and delivery orders.

Did you know that Grubhub prompts diners to leave a review of your restaurant after their order is delivered? When your restaurant is listed on Grubhub Marketplace, potential diners will see reviews left by past Grubhub customers. Grubhub asks your diners about all aspects of their experience, covering everything from the taste of your dishes to the promptness of their delivery. Your customers are also given a prompt to leave a public review on your restaurant’s Grubhub profile to let other potential diners get the inside scoop on your cuisine.

If you’re not getting many review responses from your patrons, consider rewarding diners for their time. You can offer small incentives for leaving a review like a discount on their check or a free item with future orders. That way you can show your customers you appreciate their input while motivating them to share their experience.

Showcase your dining experience on social media

Social media is a great avenue to prioritize customer appreciation. You can use your restaurant’s social profiles to run contests that encourage diner participation and give out rewards that will motivate them to pay your restaurant a visit. Showing customers you’re thankful for their patronage can motivate them to give that appreciation back in a restaurant review. Take a look at these social media post tips for more ideas on how to build customer loyalty online.

2. Respond, respond, respond

There’s nothing worse from the customer’s point of view than feeling unheard, and letting reviews pile up without acknowledging diners’ concerns can make them feel like you are not prioritizing their experience. Responding to diners’ reviews shows them that you care about their satisfaction. It also humanizes your restaurant’s brand by putting a face behind your service.

You won’t know what your patrons are saying about you if you don’t know where to look. Make sure you are checking multiple review channels so you won’t miss what your customers have to say.

  • Set up Google alerts. Google can send you an email each time your restaurant is mentioned in almost any online publication. That way you can get ahead of any reviews.
  • Manually search social media. Searching for your restaurant’s name on social media platforms will give you the opportunity to chime in on real-time conversations about your brand
  • Follow the data. Google Analytics and Google Business can provide insight into who is posting reviews, including what they searched for to find your restaurant and what type of device they are using.

Managing your Google Business profile just got a lot easier with Grubhub For Restaurants. When a potential customer searches for your restaurant online, your Google Business profile is oftentimes the first thing to pop up. Now, you can easily access your restaurant’s profile through your Grubhub account to make sure your hours, website link, menu, address and pricing is accurate. That way you can make sure your customers know what to expect from your dining experience.

Your restaurant will also receive reviews when you are listed on Grubhub Marketplace. With a Grubhub Premium partnership, you can respond to reviews and engage with customers whenever you need to.

3. Tap into influencer marketing

News of a glowing recommendation from an influencer can spread like wildfire across social media and boost your business. As a restaurant owner, you can implement strategies to encourage those with influence to talk about your business.

The best way to get influencers to notice your restaurant is to have a social media presence yourself. Posting food-focused content and adding targeted hashtags can help your restaurant appear in foodies’ feeds and provoke curiosity. Growing your online presence can get people talking about your restaurant and generate organic traffic.

Reach out to local influencers and invite them to enjoy a meal at your restaurant “on you” in exchange for posting about their experience on social media. Instagram and Tik Tok are the two most popular platforms for foodies, so sourcing these channels can be a great place to start building your presence. Grabbing the attention of local influencers can intrigue their followers to go try out your restaurant themselves. 

4. Invite the critics

Restaurant critics are some of the most influential voices in driving diner interest. Whether they are local bloggers or are published by a reputable news organization, food critics are some of the most trusted people to give their opinion on your dining experience. As a restaurant owner, you can leverage this influence by getting critics to taste your food.

Reaching out to local food critics and inviting them to dine at your restaurant can help put your restaurant on the map. Building relationships with local food critics will give your restaurant more attention. Consider hosting an event to build awareness for your restaurant like celebrating your restaurant’s anniversary or hosting a fundraising event for a local charity. Events can draw attention to your restaurant from diners and critics alike, prompting them to write about their experience.

5. Embrace change

From renovating your restaurant’s dining area to overhauling the menu, implementing a few changes from feedback can be enough to attract new critics and influencers while promoting others to give your restaurant a second look.

Take inventory of what your customers are saying about your restaurant, and then make an action plan on how to address their concerns. Adjusting your menu can be one of the most direct ways to change up the dining experience. If a menu item isn’t getting great reviews, consider scraping it. You should also check that your menu descriptions accurately reflect your cuisine so that customers know exactly what to expect when they place an order.

Embracing change can help you build an irresistible eating experience. Customers appreciate curated dining. Pay attention to seasonal trends, industry standards and popular culinary creations to keep up with what your customers are looking for. Incorporating seasonality into your menu can make your restaurant feel fresh and up to date with the ever changing restaurant industry.

How to respond to restaurant reviews

While it can feel overwhelming to deal with an influx of reviews, with proper prep and strategy you can use feedback as an opportunity to curate the perfect experience for your customers.

The first step is to get organized. Create a spreadsheet to document and monitor feedback as it rolls in. Keeping track of the date feedback was submitted, the type of feedback it is and who submitted it will help you identify frequently cited concerns or suggestions. Compiling all the feedback your restaurant receives can help you identify trends and pain points.

It’s also great to consult with your team who are interacting with your customers daily. Encouraging an open discussion with your staff will not only let them know how they’re doing, but also give you greater insight into what steps you can take to make the job easier. You can also take time to reward employees that are specifically praised in customer reviews to show them you appreciate their hard work.

The most important part of responding to reviews is taking action. Pull out the specific issues customers are noticing about your restaurant and come up with a plan to address them. Whether it’s adding a new menu item or bulking up on front-of-house staff, the changes you make should be greeted toward one goal in particular: improving the dining experience.

Increase your customer satisfaction with Grubhub

Ready to find more hungry customers? Look no further than Grubhub. When your restaurant is listed on Grubhub Marketplace, customers can browse reviews written by past patrons that can motivate them to place an order instantly. Partner with Grubhub to help your restaurant curate 5-star dining experiences for your customers.

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