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U.S. Hotel Occupancy Dips Slightly, But Room Rates Are Up

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—U.S. hotel occupancy dipped a percentage point week over week, while room rates rose slightly, according to STR’s latest data through October 23, 2021.

October 17-23, 2021

Percentage change from 2019 comparable week:
Occupancy: 63.9 percent (down 9.1 percent)
ADR: $134.14 (down 0.6 percent)
RevPAR: $85.74 (down 9.6 percent)

While none of the Top 25 Markets recorded an occupancy increase over 2019, Tampa came closest to its 2019 comparable (down 3.1 percent to 68.5 percent). The market also reported the largest increases in ADR (up 16.1 percent to $138.33) and RevPAR (up 12.6 percent to $94.71) when compared with 2019.

Two markets matched for the steepest occupancy decline from 2019: Oahu Island (down 39.7 percent to 49.6 percent) and San Francisco/San Mateo (down 39.7 percent to 53.0 percent).

The largest RevPAR deficits were in San Francisco/San Mateo (down 58.9 percent to $92.26) and Washington, D.C. (down 49.9 percent to $81.21).

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