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Travel Brands Expand Tiktok Presence To Reach New Audiences

Travel companies are increasingly turning to video-sharing app TikTok to build brand awareness and attract new customers. As the most downloaded app two years in a row, TikTok holds the promise of global reach, while the video format allows travel providers to transport viewers to a destination while showcasing their brand personality.

Although the app has been hugely popular for a few years, some travel brands are just now entering the TikTok world, eager for engagement with new audiences.

Booking.com launched its first TikTok-centric campaign, called TikTokMadeMeBookIt, on July 20. The company is giving away seven trips. To be eligible to win, TikTok users must live in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany or Japan, “like” the video, follow @bookingcom – and be able to leave within 48 hours.

In making its TikTok debut, Booking.com aims to inspire people to travel, create positive brand interactions and get people to think of the brand as the leader in travel, says Laura Kaye, Booking.com’s director of social media.

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