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Scarlett Hotel Group and Everwood Hospitality Partners Merge

CHICAGO, Illinois, and ORLANDO, Florida—Scarlett Hotel Group and Everwood Hospitality Partners announced a partnership to leverage their combined resources and knowledge of the hospitality investment and management industry. Hotel management is merging under the Scarlett brand while Scarlett principals are joining the Everwood team as principals of the investment practice. Everwood is rebranding to Everwood Capital Partners and will focus on investment, asset management, development, and capital deployment.

“We’re thrilled to expand our reach in the hospitality industry by merging with Everwood,” said Zio Pekovic, principal of Scarlett. “Our two companies have incredibly compatible outlooks on the investment process. Together, we have more power to fuel growth for the properties we purchase and manage. This strategic realignment will also allow the combined companies to maximize their individual strengths and pursue new opportunities for growth.”

“The partnership of Everwood and Scarlett creates a significant new player in the hotel business,” said Amit Govin, principal of Everwood Capital Partners. “All of us are highly committed to creating robust investment opportunities as well as unforgettable experiences for hotel guests. Our new partners and our corporate support team have meshed incredibly well over the last several months of integration. This couldn’t have been accomplished without the support of our corporate team members that joined the Scarlett operations team.”

“Scarlett’s incredible leadership culture combined with Everwood’s natural data-driven perspective will support strong operational synergies,” added Amit Patel, principal of Everwood Capital Partners.

The newly combined investment and hotel management entity oversees a total of 17 hotels with 2,534 rooms across the United States, with several additional properties in the pipeline. The expanded portfolio, which includes prestigious franchise names including Marriott, Hilton, Choice Hotels, and IHG, enables Scarlett and Everwood Capital Partners to offer a range of accommodations.

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