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Restaurant Realty Company’s Sold Legendary Buffalo Bill’s Brewery Plus Building in Hayward

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Steve Zimmerman represented both Geoff Harries, the seller and Alejandro Gamarra, the buyer. The sale included a licensing agreement giving the buyer the right to use the Buffalo Bill’s proprietary items including the name and recipes, etc.

Buffalo Bill’s was founded by Bill Owens, a photographer and home brewing enthusiast in 1983. Buffalo Bill’s is one of the oldest brewpubs in America and in 2018, was inducted into the Smithsonian National Museum of American History as the most historic brewpub in America.

The brewpub’s reputation grew locally as a place to grab a fresh beer, and it was later credited with making the country’s first commercially brewed pumpkin beer, dubbed simply, “America’s Original Pumpkin Ale”. Buffalo Bill’s is also credited with creating the following beer styles: Amber ale (Buffalo Amber, 1983), Pumpkin ale (1986), and Double IPA (Hearty Ale, 1987). Owens is also credited with creating one of the first craft IPAs in 1987, Alimony Ale. Slogans included “The Bitterest Beer in America” and “It’s Irreconcilably Different.”

Prior to opening Buffalo Bill’s, Owens authored the book “How to Build A Small Brewery” in 1981. It was revised and expanded in 1989, and again in 1992 in collaboration with Harries. By this time it had sold over 30,000 copies. With the introduction of “How to Build a Small Brewery”, many home brewers switched from extract brewing to grain brewing—a significant advancement in homebrewing for its time. Owens published “How to Build a Small Brewery”, “American Brewer Magazine”, “Beer the Magazine”, “The Brewpub Manual”, and a series of maps which chronicled the early craft beer movement in Northern California, from within Buffalo Bill’s. Owens sold the brewery in 1994 to Geoff Harries who joined the brewery in 1987 as a tank cleaner. Later, he worked his way up to becoming the assistant brewer, working alongside Owens. Harries continued to operate the business until its closing in mid 2022 as he was ready for new adventures.

Buffalo Bill’s is the heart of the local community and much of this sentiment can be garnered from its social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Alejandro Gamarra, the buyer, has been in the local restaurant industry since 1993. His culinary journey started in a Taco Truck, Tacos Acapulco, at the corner of Royal and West A street in Hayward. His first brick and mortar, Metro Taquero, opened in 2004 and has become a Hayward staple. He now operates four Metro Taqueros – three in Hayward and one in San Leandro. In 2007, he took the next step and opened a full service restaurant, The Mexican Restaurant and Bar. This neighborhood Mexican restaurant is a local favorite and also serves as a commissary kitchen for all Metro Taqueros. Alejandro has a passion for the industry and a love for Hayward. He believes Hayward has the potential to become a culinary destination.

Alejandro believes it all starts with the very best ingredients and a commitment to consistency in execution. And never forget all his success is owed to beans, rice and a lot of tacos.

RRC appreciates the opportunity of working with Geoff in selling the famous brewpub and wishes Alejandro much continued success in continuing the Buffalo Bill’s legendary history and in all his future endeavors. For more information, please visit: https://www.restaurantrealty.com/sold-buffalo-bills-brewery-real-estate/.

Restaurant Realty Company's Sold Legendary Buffalo Bill's Brewery Plus Building in Hayward

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