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Restaurant Marketing Ideas for July

With summer upon us, restaurant owners and operators are gearing up to help family and friends savor the season. Independence Day will see party and picnic deals, of course, but the month of July offers many more restaurant marketing opportunities.

For food related marketing, July is National Blueberries Month, National Grilling Month, National Horseradish Month, National Hot Dog Month and National Ice Cream Month.

Culinarians and junk food junkies will be pleased to know there are days set aside just for them. In addition, restaurateurs have a wide selection of special food days to choose from for menu marketing: Apple Turnovers, Beans, Blueberry Muffins, Caesar Salad, Caviar, Cheesecake, Chili Dogs, Chocolate Wafers, Coffee Milkshakes, Corn Fritters, Creme Brulee, French Fries, Fried Chicken, Gingersnaps, Gummi Worms, Hot Dogs, Hot Fudge Sundaes, Ice Cream, Junk Food, Lasagna, Macaroni, Milk Chocolate, Peach Ice Cream, Pecan Pie, Penuche Fudge, Rainier Cherries, Raspberry Cake, Spareribs, Spinach, Strawberry Sundaes, Sugar Cookies, Tapioca Pudding and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Fast food operators even have a special day to look forward to with Drive-Thru Day.

For beverage marketing, there are days set aside for Anisette, Daiquiris, Grand Marnier, Piña Coladas, Scotch and Tequila.

Other days of the month lend themselves to unique and even silly opportunities for in-store and social media promotions. Music lovers have National Country Music Day and Barbershop Music Appreciation Day to look forward to. Social media savvy operators might run photo contests for National Hillbilly Day, Parent’s Day, Teddy Bear Picnic Day and Bikini Day. And who wouldn’t want to pucker up for a discount on International Kissing Day?

Here’s your restaurant marketing calendar for July:

National Berry Month
National Blueberry Month
National Grilling Month
National Horseradish Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Ice Cream Month
National Picnic Month
Independent Retailer Month

1 – National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
1 – National Gingersnap Day
1 – International Joke Day
1 – National Postal Worker Day
2 – National Anisette Day
2 – World UFO Day
2 – I Forgot Day
3 – Eat Beans Day
3 – National Chocolate Wafer Day
3 – Stay Out of the Sun Day
4 – Independence Day
4 – National Barbecue Spareribs Day
4 – National Caesar Salad Day
4 – Independence from Meat Day
4 – Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
4 – National Country Music Day
5 – National Apple Turnover Day
5 – International Bikini Day
5 – National Workaholics Day
6 – National Fried Chicken Day
6 – International Kissing Day
6 – Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day
7 – National Strawberry Sundae Day
7 – National Macaroni Day
7 – Tell the Truth Day
7 – Global Forgiveness Day
7 – National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day
8 – National Chocolate with Almonds Day
9 – National Sugar Cookie Day
10 – National Piña Colada Day
10 – Teddy Bear Picnic Day
11 – National Blueberry Muffin Day
11 – National Rainier Cherry Day
11 – Cheer Up the Lonely Day
12 – National Pecan Pie Day
12 – Different Colored Eyes Day
13 – National French Fries Day
13 – Embrace Your Geekness Day
13 – Barbershop Music Appreciation Day
14 – National Grand Marnier Day
14 – National Mac & Cheese Day
14 – Pandemonium Day
15 – National Tapioca Pudding Day
15 – Gummi Worm Day
16 – Fresh Spinach Day
16 – National Corn Fritter Day
17 – National Peach Ice Cream Day
17 – National Ice Cream Day
18 – National Caviar Day
19 – National Daiquiri Day
20 – National Lollipop Day
20 – Ugly Truck Day
20 – National Hot Dog Day
21 – National Junk Food Day
22 – National Penuche Fudge Day
22 – Hammock Day
23 – National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
24 – National Tequila Day
24 – National Drive-Thru Day
24 – Cousins Day
24 – Parents’ Day
25 – National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
25 – Culinarians Day
26 – National Coffee Milkshake Day
26 – Aunt and Uncle’s Day
26 – All or Nothing Day
27 – National Creme Brulee Day
27 – National Scotch Day
28 – National Milk Chocolate Day
28 – Chili Dog Day
29 – National Chicken Wing Day
29 – National Lasagna Day
29 – International Tiger Day
30 – National Cheesecake Day
30 – Father-in-Law Day
30 – Paperback Book Day
31 – National Avocado Day
31 – National Raspberry Cake Day

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