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REGO Restaurant partners with BCubed for free standing drive-through units

The parent company of Quiznos and Mexican chain Taco Del Mar, REGO Restaurant Group, has signed a development agreement with BCubed Manufacturing, which makes free standing drive-through restaurants.

According to the agreement, BCubed Manufacturing will be REGO’s exclusive manufacturer of modular restaurants for the Quiznos and Taco Del Mar brands.

Quiznos CEO Tim Casey said: “When Quiznos first started in 1981, it was a complete disruptor, not unlike BCubed.

“It was doing things that no other brand was doing and we’re now returning to those roots as the most innovative franchise, by reinventing the brand and making Quiznos an outstanding investment opportunity for entrepreneurs who are seeking profitability and growth.

“This exciting partnership with BCubed is an important aspect of Quiznos’ overall growth efforts, designed to prioritise ROI potential for franchisees.”

Currently, REGO Restaurant Group manages around 800 restaurants in 32 countries.

BCubed claims that its modular restaurant structures offer a lower cost structure that supports labour and operating cost efficiencies.

The company will manufacture modular restaurants called ‘The Qube’ for Quiznos and the ‘Baja Shack’ for Taco Del Mar. The units will be shipped fully equipped, inspected, pre-wired and pre-plumbed to any site, reducing the development timeline.

BCubed president Jeff Konczak said: “I look forward to working with REGO and its brands, bringing them not just our building expertise but also an ability to scale through reduced construction lead time and a simplified process.

“Their approach aligns with mine, which ultimately comes down to wanting to do creative things with brands that are making an impact.”

In May, REGO reached a development agreement with CF Lifestyles Investments owners Dominik and Monica Mendoza to build restaurants across Denver in Colorado, US.

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