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Quore Recreates Reporting Engine App — LODGING

FRANKLIN, Tennessee—Quore announced the recreation of its Reports app, or “Reporting Engine.” The recreation includes new report options, flexibility, and capabilities like scheduled distribution for hotels to leverage data and trends to make business decisions for guest satisfaction.

“We are continuously improving our hospitality operations solution to evolve alongside our customers’ needs. The recreation of our Reports app to a ‘reporting engine’ does just that. It evolves reporting capabilities to allow for more customization so our customers can more easily aggregate and consume the data they put into Quore, evaluate trends, and make informed decisions about the future,” said Scott Schaedle, founder and CEO of Quore. “Our Reports app has always pulled specialized data to make our customers’ jobs easier, but this enhancement increases visibility, productivity, and data-driven intelligence and decisions.”

Quore’s reporting engine gives access to data and visibility with reports on operations within a hotel and across properties. It provides historical data and analytics for hoteliers to see maintenance and operations, track assets, view inventory trends, and analyze individual and department-wide performance trends. In addition to the recreation and simplification of existing reports, Quore introduced new reports and the ability to schedule and distribute them. Some of the new reports include user activity, log book activity, cleanings/cleanings plus inspection item details, all to do items, area activity, and more.

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