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Outdoor Kiosks Provide New Revenue Stream for Businesses

Though the pandemic is subsiding, restrictions are loosening and the world is gradually returning to a state of normalcy, many of those kiosks that had been positioned outdoors are staying put. And more are likely to join them.

The market for outdoor kiosks is expected to grow at a higher annual rate than indoor kiosks through 2025, according to research. Expansion comes as the self-service technology market is booming. A recent study by Grand View Research Inc. shows that the industry is expected to reach a value of $39.07 billion by 2022, with kiosks – a solution that has become more intuitive and user-friendly – representing some 21 percent of the market.

Positioning kiosks outside expands their usefulness, providing another source of revenue generation for businesses, many of which have recognized the potential value of the solution.

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