Home Restaurant Novolex Brands Eco-Products and Vegware Earn Prestigious Awards for Compostable Solutions

Novolex Brands Eco-Products and Vegware Earn Prestigious Awards for Compostable Solutions

Novolex Brands Eco-Products and Vegware Earn Prestigious Awards for Compostable Solutions

Foodservice Packaging Awards honor Eco-Products and Vegware for Innovation in Manufacturing for their compostable solutions

Novolex, a leader in packaging choice, innovation and sustainability, announced today that two of its brands, Eco-Products and Vegware, have earned coveted awards for their innovative solutions in compostable packaging.

Eco-Products and Vegware were each honored with the Foodservice Packaging Award for Innovation in Manufacturing, tying for first place. Eco-Products earned the award for making high-quality digital print a reality on molded fiber packaging. Vegware was recognized for creating a compostable paper cutlery solution for markets that need fiber solutions across all packaging categories.

“We are extraordinarily proud of our brands for their tireless commitment to innovation, creating new products that redefine excellence as we lead the way to a more sustainable future,” said Adrianne Tipton, PhD, Chief Technology Officer of Novolex.

Eco-Products was recognized for creating a superior method of printing on molded fiber products, allowing operators to prominently display their brand and their commitment to sustainability.

“Printing limitations have made it difficult to effectively brand and message molded fiber items,” said Nicole Tariku, Director of Product Development for Eco-Products. “This breakthrough will help operators deliver an elevated brand experience and make it easier for consumers to identify the products as compostable.”

Vegware earned its award for bringing to market a new option for customers that need a fiber-based cutlery solution that is compostable.

“We are truly honored to be recognized for developing our groundbreaking new paper cutlery, a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic utensils,” said Helen Mathieson, Managing Director of Vegware. “Our cutlery combines strength and durability to handle the crunchiest of meals, while delivering a silky-smooth eating experience. Moreover, it’s compostable in commercial facilities, embodying our commitment to developing sustainable solutions.”

The 2023 Foodservice Packaging Awards, sponsored by QSR magazine and the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI), were presented at FPI’s fall conference in Pittsburgh.

“These award-winning packages illustrate the power of design in influencing customer purchasing decisions while also increasing product performance in foodservice packaging,” said Natha Dempsey, president of FPI.

Both Eco-Products’ printing method and Vegware’s paper cutlery offer numerous benefits.

Eco-Products’ new printing technology, for example, allows operators to better highlight their brand on food containers, as well as provide more prominent directions on how to properly dispose of the product. With the industry facing ongoing challenges with contamination at compost facilities, better labeling represents a significant innovation that will help keep organics out of landfills.

Vegware’s new paper cutlery offers a ridged design and reinforced tines, providing an appealing option for those seeking an alternative to plastic or wood utensils. In addition to the Foodservice Packaging Award, Vegware’s paper cutlery also earned the packaging award at the Free From Food Expo in Barcelona and was a runner-up at the Sustainable Food Awards in Amsterdam.

Novolex Brands Eco-Products and Vegware Earn Prestigious Awards for Compostable Solutions

Novolex develops and manufactures diverse packaging and food service products that touch nearly every aspect of daily life for multiple industries ranging from grocery, food packaging, restaurant and retail to medical applications and building supplies. The Novolex family of brands provides customers with innovative paper and plastic solutions for their business needs today while investing in research and development to engineer more sustainable choices for the future. With more than 10,000 employee families, Novolex operates over 56 manufacturing plants in North America and Europe, including two world-class plastic film recycling facilities. To learn more about Novolex, visit www.Novolex.com.

Eco-Products, a Novolex brand and Certified B Corp, is a leading provider of foodservice packaging made from renewable and recycled resources. Eco-Products offers packaging with real environmental benefits, works with customers to improve composting and recycling, and collaborates with the broader industry to shift how businesses and consumers think about and manage waste. With the goal of Zero Waste as part of the company mission, Eco-Products is using business as a force for good. Visit www.EcoProducts.com for more information.

Vegware, a Novolex brand and Certified B Corp, is a global specialist in plant-based compostable foodservice packaging.  Vegware’s award-winning catering disposables are made from plants, using renewable or recycled materials and can all be commercially composted with food waste where accepted. 

Vegware was established in Edinburgh in 2006, and has further operational bases in the UK, EU and USA, with distribution throughout Europe, the Middle East and Caribbean.  More information can be found at www.Vegware.com.


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