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Moxy Hotels celebrates inclusivity with virtual space

Moxy Hotels has launched a campaign Moxy universe, play beyond”, which leverages the possibilities of mixed reality into an augmented reality experience in Asia Pacific.

Created by Media.Monks China, Tokyo, Korea and Singapore teams, the campaign aims to create a place where people can freely express themselves, create their ideal identity and even multiple identities to connect with other young-at-hearts and create their own experiences. It also echoes the belief embedded in Moxy’s DNA—the desire and space to provide travellers with diverse ways of self-expression and build like-minded communities rooted in celebrating inclusivity.

“The new traveller seeks experiences that continue to shape their generational identity. They are all about boundless self-expression, and connecting with others digitally, as witnessed by the popularity of gaming culture and the explosive interest in the metaverse. Media.Monks took insight from what drove these trends, to define a new take on brand experience within hospitality,” said the release.

With Moxy Universe, travellers’ staying experience with Moxy starts even before they arrive at the hotel. Before arriving in-person at the hotel, travellers can create and customise their avatars, choosing from 122 features and 344 designs—depicting different skin colours, hairstyles, body shapes, props and other features—with over a billion possible unique avatar combinations, while tailor-made posters could be generated and shared on social handles.

When travellers arrive at the Moxy Bar, there will be a complimentary cocktail awaiting for them. After scanning an AR marker placed at the bar counter, guests are treated to an animated welcome message—a cue to the exciting mixed reality experiences they are going to enjoy during their stay at Moxy.

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