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Metaverse Hospitality to Launch Three Digital Hotels — LODGING

NFT House Sports Bar

TAMPA, Florida—While the COVID-19 pandemic changed tourism, it also exacerbated the move into the digital world for the industry. Enter the Metaverse and web3, which blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds, delivering experiential interactions for users. Tampa-based Metaverse Hospitality (MH) is tapping into the new frontier of technology and blending the travel experience within the virtual realm. They are the builder of the first hotels in the Metaverse and the company onboarding hotels and restaurants to web3 technology. On June 28, MH will release their NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which will not only act as a valued asset in the Metaverse but will provide utility, tangible awards, and perks in the real world.

MH offers a blend of B2C and B2B operations that are centered on helping individuals and businesses use what the Metaverse has to offer. The company began the journey into the Metaverse in 2021 with the acquisition of “land” across two different Metaverses, then created their Genesis Collection, which is three properties that will provide guest experiences and events, host digital outposts for key partners, and allow travelers from around the world to connect without leaving home. The first property is NFT House, a hotel adjacent to the Bored Ape Yacht Club in Sandbox, with weddings and conferences. The next is Hotel Euphoria, a social hotel neighboring the Nike store in Sandbox. The final property, Wrlds Resort and Spa, is a destination-style resort offering golf, tennis, a dive center, and conference facilities set in the NFT Worlds Metaverse. Future MH properties are also in the works across Metaverse lands.

For businesses, MH’s digital consultancy delivers existing hotels with a presence in the Metaverse but also serves to bridge the gap between hoteliers that are still struggling to understand the new space and the evolving tech of web3 (blockchain technology). MH has the ability to onboard a property within the Metaverse while also consulting on what options and operations would best fit the digital presence of the physical location.

On June 28, MH will begin a tiered release of their proprietary NFTs, which will correspond to each hotel and its amenities. Each property will have two levels of NFTs: resident and guest. Resident NFTs will offer benefits such as a dedicated room at the hotel, a director of residences to act as a virtual concierge, complimentary event and conference hosting, and real-world utilities such as paid gym memberships, spa days, and more. Out of the 7,878 total NFTs released across the three hotels, only 78 are resident tier. Guest NFTs will still offer perks including giveaways for real-world hotel stays, flights, personal and household subscriptions, and more. The longer guests hold or “stake” their NFTs, the higher they move within the loyalty program, which will deliver more benefits.

The Metaverse Hospitality team creates experiences for guests. They have worked with hotels including the St. Regis Atlanta, Four Seasons Oahu, The Ritz-Carlton Central Park, the Waldorf Astoria Cabo, and more. CEO Tommy Farr began his journey in hospitality and F&B 14 years ago and ventured into the digital world in 2017.

While the future of the Metaverse is still quite pixelated, it provides accessibility for customers around the world and pathways for collaboration between brands, thus delivering the possibility of growth for hotels and resorts. Metaverse Hospitality is charting the course to integrate web3 technology within hospitality-based companies.

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