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Introducing Actabl Authenticator and Unified UI

Actabl, the leading hospitality software company dedicated to empowering hotels with actionable insights to drive profit, is proud to announce two meaningful updates that will transform the way customers engage with its suite of desktop applications. The Actabl Authenticator and Unified UI are designed to enhance user experience, streamline workflows, and provide unparalleled convenience for hospitality professionals.

Actabl Authenticator: Your Gateway to Seamless Connectivity

The Actabl Authenticator introduces a seamless login experience that grants users access to all Actabl desktop applications through a single, secure gateway. Upon login, users are greeted with a central hub that displays solution dashboards for users leveraging two or more Actabl products. This intuitive interface empowers users to effortlessly navigate between different applications, eliminating the need for constant screen switching. This streamlined accessibility saves valuable time and ensures a unified experience across the entire Actabl platform.

Unified UI: A Cohesive and Familiar Interface

In its unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience, Actabl has introduced a Unified UI across all products. This cohesive design unifies the user interface across all four products, bringing aesthetic enhancements that will elevate the user experience while maintaining the core functionality that customers have come to rely on:

  • A uniform header across all platforms for easy access to essential features
  • Recognizable blue key action buttons that guide users through tasks seamlessly
  • Standardized grid layout for enhanced visual clarity and ease of use.

“At Actabl, our commitment to customer success drives our every move,” shared Steven Moore, CEO of Actabl. “While innovation remains a cornerstone of our approach, our primary focus is on supporting our customers’ daily operations, growth, and overall success. With this mission in mind, we are excited to introduce these updates that will redefine how users interact with our software suite.”

While the introduction of Actabl Authenticator and Unified UI represents a major step toward a more unified, intuitive, and valuable user experience, the company’s commitment to stability and reliability remains steadfast. Users can continue to leverage Actabl’s robust features and functionalities without the need for relearning, ensuring a seamless transition to the enhanced platform.

About Actabl

Actabl is the leader in hospitality business intelligence, labor management, and hotel operations management software that provides actionable insights to above-property leaders and on-property leaders. Actabl brings together four powerful hospitality tech solutions to maximize profits for hotel operators. Actabl’s integrated solutions include ProfitSword’s business intelligence technology, Hotel Effectiveness’ complete labor optimization, ALICE’s hotel operations management platform, and Transcendent’s advanced asset management and CapEx. With a global team of 300+ employees boasting over 1,000 years of combined hospitality experience, Actabl serves the technology needs of more than 12,000 properties in hospitality markets around the world. To learn more, please visit www.actabl.com.

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