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INDIE Cultivate Conference Round-Up: Exploring Technology Adoption and Acquisition in the Hospitality Industry

I was lucky enough to attend the latest iteration of the Independent Lodging Congress Cultivate event. It always amazes me how the crew of ILC has built a thought-provoking, exciting environment that creates a true sense of community and such amazing events like their Cultivate, Confab, Collab, and Congress conferences.

The event was held at The Graduate Hotel on Roosevelt Island, NY. This gathering brought together industry professionals, technologists, and experts to discuss the latest trends and strategies for leveraging technology in the pursuit of financial stability and profitability within the hospitality industry. The event was very well thought out and engaging and brought some of the best minds together in a “no pressure” environment.

Cultivate highlighted technology’s crucial role in ensuring hotels stay at the forefront of technological adoption, offer fantastic service to guests, and drive profitability. The event emphasized the importance of adopting technologies that streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and optimize revenue management.

The fear of change management keeps hotels from adopting new technologies. The event and panelists stressed the importance of overcoming this fear and focusing on finding solutions. The event emphasized a well-planned process that considers each property’s needs and constraints. By addressing these challenges head-on, hotels can seamlessly transition to new technologies, ensuring a successful implementation that delivers tangible benefits.

AI also emerged as a prominent topic discussed at Cultivate, as it is almost everywhere these days. The event showcased how AI can make hotel operations more efficient and improve guest experiences. Participants learned that recognizing the importance of AI is just the first step; practical adoption is crucial. From automated customer service to personalized recommendations, AI-powered solutions offer a wide range of possibilities for the hospitality industry. Hotels embracing AI can gain a competitive edge by leveraging its capabilities to optimize various operations.

Cultivate showcased inspiring examples from Graduate Hotels and their host venue on Roosevelt Island. The event highlighted the power of creative partnerships and reimagined event spaces in revolutionizing the industry. Graduate Hotels demonstrated how collaborating with local artists, designers, and cultural institutions can create unique guest experiences. By transforming event spaces into vibrant hubs, hotels can attract groups and foster connections. The event encouraged hotels to think outside the box and embrace unconventional partnerships to differentiate themselves and elevate guest experiences.

In addition to the informative sessions and discussions, Cultivate also featured a short startup pitch session. This panel provided a platform for four innovative startups to present their technology solutions to potential investors and industry professionals. It served as a valuable opportunity for startups to showcase their ideas and forge partnerships within the hospitality sector. The session added an exciting dimension to the event, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration.

The experience at Cultivate was not solely about the information shared but also about the connections made and the inspiration gained. It was a time to network with industry peers, share insights, and learn from the experiences of others. The event provided a supportive community that encouraged attendees to push boundaries, challenge norms, and embrace technology as a catalyst for growth. I want to thank Andrew Benioff and his team for their amazing work in delivering relevant, engaging, and thoughtful events.

See you in October.

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