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III Forks Partners With Addison-Based Harrison for Brand Evolution and Design of Its New Village on the Parkway Location

III Forks Partners With Addison-Based Harrison for Brand Evolution and Design of Its New Village on the Parkway LocationFounded in North Dallas in 1998, III Forks originally was lauded for its big, brash, unapologetically over-the-top steakhouse experience. It was the perfect mainstay for the bold young business executives changing the face of North Texas. Many of those loyal fans still dine frequently in the acclaimed restaurant, which moved to Frisco in 2020.

When III Forks decided to return to its North Dallas roots with a location in Addison’s bustling Village on the Parkway, the executive team recognized the need to create a dining aesthetic that retained the brand promise that is core to the restaurant’s ethos while reinterpreting the experience for today’s diner.

Fortunately, the perfect partner for this brand evolution was just down the street. The team at Consolidated Restaurant Operations, parent company of III Forks, engaged one of the industry-leading hospitality branding and design firms, Harrison. The III Forks project is especially fitting as Harrison’s U.S. offices are also located in Addison, blocks away from the new III Forks location.

Harrison is renowned for its strategic branding and experiential restaurant design work. While founded in Birmingham, England, the design firm now boasts additional offices in Melbourne, Australia, and Addison, Texas. In addition to its work for celebrity chefs and creating restaurant brands, it serves as global design lead for Fogo de Chão, where its projects can be seen everywhere from Brooklyn, New York, to Sao Paulo, Brazil. But Harrison’s international footprint doesn’t keep it from hyper-local successes. In Addison, it was praised for its impactful design as architect on Sidecar Social, also in Village on the Parkway.

“When I came to the United States to open Harrison’s Addison offices, we admired and frequently dined at III Forks,” said Keith Anderson, CEO of Harrison. “I had the chance to present to CRO at an industry conference 10 years ago. Over the years, we continued discussions with the company and are grateful for the opportunity to rejuvenate the design of this much-loved premium steakhouse brand.”

“We want III Forks to be relevant and meaningful to each successive generation of steakhouse diners from baby boomers to Gen Zs, to the generations yet to come,” said Curtis Osmond, president of III Forks. “In Harrison, we found the perfect partner to create a compelling design and brand defining guest experiences.”

Harrison’s unique creative process has allowed CRO to work with a team led by Cal Young, Harrison’s vice president of design, to create a refined, contemporary brand identity in only two months. The Harrison approach begins with strategy and understanding to form the brand identity, architecture and interior design.

The first step of the III Forks brand evolution was updating its logo. Harrison’s fresh approach creates a look that celebrates the subdued masculinity of the steakhouse as a destination for refined celebrations with a sophisticated twist on the classic.

The most impactful interpretation of the III Forks experience is the front elevation of the Village on the Parkway location. The exterior celebrates the brand’s commitment to quality, not only in ingredients but in materials and design.

The dramatic entry features a folded metal panel screen artistically rising above a contemporary wood and glass façade.

“We were actually able to use the name of the restaurant as part of the architectural inspiration for the design,” explained Young. “The dramatic vertical metal sculptural element is stacked in threes, and as the panels fold, they reflect light and energy.”

From the elegant host stand to the indulgent bar experience and intimate nooks and private dining spaces, each aspect of Harrison’s design process addresses a complete sensory integration with the restaurant’s brand.

“We are fortunate to design brands all over the world. The opportunity for our team to design a brand we admire here in our hometown is the ultimate honor,” Anderson said. “We can’t wait to see it come to life in such a bustling part of Addison, the heart of where it is all happening.”

Construction on III Forks Addison is estimated to begin in late Q2 with a planned opening in winter 2024.

Consolidated Restaurant Operations Inc. (CRO) is a Dallas-based privately held company which operates 38 restaurants in the United States and United Arab Emirates. More information can be found at Croinc.com.

Harrison is an award-winning global specialist in architecture, interior design, and brand consultancy. The team creates global brands with distinctive spaces, commercially successful brand positioning, and scalable brand design. With 35 years of experience, Harrison has worked on over 6,000 spaces channeling storytelling, creativity, imagination, and a genuine passion for developing unique guest experiences in all they do. Harrison has offices in Dallas, Texas, Birmingham UK, and Melbourne Australia, working exclusively in the hospitality, restaurant and leisure sectors. A few of its current and previous clients include Fogo de Chão, Darden, Chipotle, Gordon Ramsay North America, HMS Host, Nando’s Peri-Peri and Savory Fund. For more information visit weareharrison.com and follow on Instagram and LinkedIn.


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