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How Art Elevates the Guest Experience at Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City

The art collection at Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City reflects the city’s new urbanism, serving as the perfect destination for city center exploration or an outdoor adventure among the stunning Wasatch Mountains. With several original works made by local creatives, the art collection curated by NINE dot ARTS is substantial in both scale and quantity, spanning the hotel’s suites, conference rooms, pre-function spaces, and rooftop event space.

Highlights include Mike Lustig’s captivating installation of 38 hexagonal panels featuring over 10,000 glass tiles, which create a sparkling, reflective light throughout the hotel lobby. Arranged in unique patterns, the hexagons act as interactive mirrors, providing a functional yet fresh attraction for guests.

Nearby, Rachel Denny’s flock of forest animals adorn the walls, beckoning visitors into the Salt Palace Convention Center connected to the hotel. The commission features a life-sized stag made of upcycled fabric sweaters leaping over The Hyatt Regency sign, surrounded by foxes, rabbits, birds, and other creatures – a playful yet sophisticated nod to the nature-filled city. The installation complements a nearby wall vinyl by artist Danae Fallier. Featuring unique depictions of both city life and aspen trees, the imagery is made abstract through Fallier’s technique of distilling a compilation of photos into a single frame, “revealing a stillness that resides underneath or inside the moment.”

Also on the first floor is David LeCheminant’s 3D wooden wall sculpture – symbolic of the Wasatch Mountains – which elevates the hotel’s private dining area. On the third floor, guests can enjoy large-scale commissions by local artists Nick Rees and Justin Wheatley, each showing unique depictions of downtown Salt Lake City. Other hotel highlights include Jeff Horton’s edgy, urban bridge painting; University of Utah Professor Lewis Crawford’s urban abstraction prints; Matthew Sketch’s 6-foot by 6-foot painting featuring 18kt gold leafing; and Laura Mason’s 25 abstract mountain artworks arranged outside the hotel’s fifth floor meeting rooms.

But the collection doesn’t end inside the hotel. On the sixth floor patio and pool deck area, a massive mural by Salt Lake City artist Joseph Tony employs vibrant colors to depict a modern mountain landscape, producing the perfect backdrop for wedding guests, conference attendees, and the many visitors who come to enjoy The Hyatt’s stunning rooftop.

Altogether, the art collection at Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City creates a contemporary oasis for hotel guests. Through compelling commissions and bold originals, the collection exudes an urban sophistication that is reflective of the area’s rapid development and progressive expansion, meanwhile complementing the natural world calling from just beyond the city’s borders.

Art Collection Quick Facts:

  • The art collection spans the hotel’s suites, conference rooms, pre-function spaces, and rooftop event space.
  • The art collection features 6 commissions and 7 originals, made primarily by local and regional artists.
  • Rachel Denny’s lobby installation features several forest creatures, including a life-sized stag placed above The Hyatt Regency sign and enticing guests into the hotel’s popular Salt Palace Convention Center.
  • Mike Lustig spent more than a month carefully arranging, gluing, and cleaning the 10,000 mirrored titles featured in his hexagonal lobby installation, ensuring each was perfectly positioned within the correct panel to create a mesmerizing sparkle.

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