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Grubhub Success Story: Honeybee Burger

Honeybee Burger is on a bold mission to become the first national fast-food burger chain that is 100% plant-based while saving the planet at the same time, according to Adam Weiss, Founder and Director of Honeybee Burger. 

Weiss and his co-founders Jeremy Adler, Brian Cikigil, and Ophelia Weiss opened the first Honeybee Burger storefront in Los Feliz, California, back in 2019. Since then, this humble burger joint has grown into a vegan sensation, with a virtual kitchen in West Los Angeles, a move to Silverlake, California, and a flagship location in mid-LA set to open this summer. 

Their plant-based take on American classics like cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and mac and cheese has earned them accolades from Eater Los Angeles, and some of the most popular plant-based companies, like Akua, Atlas Monroe, and Eclipse have chosen Honeybee Burger as their LA launch partner for new products

When Weiss and his team first opened, they knew they wanted to build a delivery business in addition to their on-premise business model. So they reached out to all the 3rd party delivery companies that were popular in their area with the goal to find out which delivery partner would support their long-term business goals.  ”We wanted to know if they would help us integrate, help us onboard, and give us tech support.” Weiss explained.

As they evaluated delivery partners, Grubhub stood out. “Grubhub was incredibly supportive. Whenever we needed something, we got someone on the phone,” said Weiss.

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