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Finding Motivation and Regaining Work Passion

I am struggling with finding motivation to contribute as much as I used to in my work environment. Do you have any advice on how to regain drive for my job?

It is time for you to show up for yourself. We are all familiar with the concept of standing up for ourselves: defending our beliefs, righting what is wrong, straightening out an injustice, etc. But how often do you show up for yourself? Instead of being on the defensive, what do you do to proactively set yourself up for success? What are the basic requirements for you to thrive in your environment?

Whether you are in a toxic workplace or employed by a positive, team-oriented company, it is important to take care of yourself. How can you develop and adapt your own culture within the corporate culture to allow you to be your authentic self? Look for ways to create better alignment between your current position, where you want to be, and what you want to accomplish. You can work in a less-than-ideal environment but still take pride in the job you perform. You define your personal brand and will reinforce that brand through your actions.

If you find yourself burnt out, ask yourself what tangible things would make your situation better? What is something you can put on your calendar to get excited about? Are there projects or different opportunities of interest to you at your current job? Present these ideas to your employer and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Employers want to have productive employees. If there are realistic changes that could be made to improve your situation, show up for yourself and share them.

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