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Exciting Personnel News at Idahoan Foodservice

We are thrilled to share some updates about our incredible team members at Idahoan Foodservice. Our team continues to grow and flourish, and we couldn’t be more proud of the talent and dedication that each member brings to the table.

Alisha Gorog: Elevating Success and Leading the Way as Brand Manager

Join us in celebrating Alisha Gorog’s well-deserved promotion to the position of Brand Manager on the Foodservice Team! Alisha has been an invaluable part of our team for the past two years, leaving her mark on our team with her exceptional contributions.

In her previous roles, Alisha showcased her ability to take on challenges and deliver outstanding results. From leading our E-Comm business to driving increased product sales, Alisha’s team player attitude, attention to detail, and drive for results have set her apart. With her promotion, Alisha’s responsibilities will now extend to components related to supporting our sales and operations planning process at Idahoan, focusing on our portfolio assortment. This strategic role will allow her to contribute even more significantly to our business while maintaining her dedicated support for our customers.

Carrie Lunstrum-Kosvic: A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Trade Spend Analyst

Carrie Lunstrum-Kosvic is our newest addition to the Idahoan Team in the role of Trade Spend Analyst. Carrie comes to us with a diverse skill set acquired through various roles in HR, Finance, and Office Management. Her experience working with Sysco during her employment with Omni Hotels adds a special touch to her understanding of the Foodservice industry.

Currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Carrie is already making waves with her passion for efficiency and hard work. We are confident that her contributions will enhance our team’s ability to manage trade spend for our foodservice customers.

Join us in congratulating Alisha on her well-deserved promotion and extending a warm welcome to Carrie as she embarks on this exciting journey with Idahoan Foodservice. Our team’s strength lies in the unique talents and dedication of each member, and we look forward to achieving new heights together!

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