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Creators of Michelin-Recognized Khan Saab Unveil SHOR: A New Halal Culinary Destination Set for 2024 Launch

Chef Imran ‘Ali’ Mookhi

Hawaiian Gardens’ Newest Eclectic Upscale Restaurant Draws Inspiration from Afghan, Indian and Pakistani Food Bazaars

Creators of Michelin-Recognized Khan Saab Unveil SHOR: A New Halal Culinary Destination Set for 2024 LaunchThe Executive Chef behind twice Michelin-Bib Gourmand-winning Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen announces new concept SHOR. Set to open in early 2024, SHOR is located at 12155 E Carson St. in Hawaiian Gardens, midway between Los Angeles and Orange County. The restaurant, inspired by bazaar food stalls and hawker stalls in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan, aims to redefine the culinary landscape of contemporary Desi regional cooking through a one-of-a-kind, experiential dining experience.

SHOR builds upon Chef Mookhi’s mission to redefine the Western presentation of Desi cuisine, providing a cutting-edge dining experience that captures the energetic spirit of the Desi region. Named for a term synonymous with ‘noise’ in Desi culture, SHOR aims to provide a lively atmosphere and infuse its cuisine with the eclectic and vibrant energy found in Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar, one of the largest historical markets in India. Originally named Shor Bazaar due to the bustling atmosphere of Indian markets, the British mispronunciation resulted in the market’s renaming to Chor Bazaar, which translates to Thieves’ Market. Over time, it became renowned for selling stolen goods alongside vintage items, and the name Chor Bazaar sustained.

The chef-driven menu features elevated renditions of global halal offerings, skillfully blending authentic Desi flavors and cooking techniques with inspiration from around the globe. From traditional dishes for the table like naan and dal, to main courses showcasing a diverse range of curries and kabobs, SHOR’s menu also highlights Afghani fare, celebrated for its expertise in meat preparation. Options span from seafood to veal, Australian Wagyu beef, and more, all prepared using traditional methods.

In tandem with Executive Chef Mookhi’s culinary prowess in crafting the menu, SHOR will boast a dedicated confectionery team led by Le Cordon Bleu alumnus Executive Pastry Chef Mark Medina, paying homage to the delicate art of dessert making. Indulgent offerings, all enriched with a Southwest Asian twist through ingredients like cardamom, tamarind, and saffron, are on the menu. The team aims to elevate the dessert experience with interactive presentations, including pouring rich sauces over select dishes, table-side flambé, and overlays of 24k gold.

SHOR will also introduce a groundbreaking non-alcoholic beverage program in line with alcohol-free halal tradition. Developed by Head Mixologist Ahmad Hosseini, the bar program will showcase hand-crafted mocktails, premium 0.0% spirit-free shots, a diverse non-alcoholic wine selection paired with the food, and a unique water bar menu featuring aquatic options curated from around the world and ranging from six dollars to upwards of one thousand dollars.

SHOR has been artfully designed by the team at AkarStudios, led by creative director Sat Garg, along with designers Mahetzi Hernandez and Monica Roh. The interior promises a captivating experience, featuring a central bar backdrop, moody dining room, and private dining areas decorated with a kaleidoscope of hues, textures, and patterns inspired by alley markets, with a clean, contemporary edge to set the atmosphere for a premier dining experience.

“Shaping the vision of SHOR has been a journey grounded in my upbringing amidst the vibrant culture of Pakistan and passion for elevating Desi cuisine,” said Chef Mookhi. “Fueled by the success of Khan Saab, SHOR’s new location affords us the chance to captivate a wide-ranging audience, introducing them to an exciting blend of culture and cuisine that goes beyond the culinary expectations of the area.”

Upon opening, SHOR will be open Monday through Friday from 4 to 10 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 10 pm. To stay up to date with SHOR news and Grand Opening announcements, follow SHOR on Instagram at @shorbazaar_la and visit www.ShorBazaarLA.com.

SHOR, a bazaar-inspired culinary venture, is the latest creation from the team behind the twice-Michelin-recognized Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen. Set to redefine contemporary halal food through an elevated dining atmosphere, SHOR seamlessly blends diverse, full-service menu offerings with an interior concept inspired by the vibrant energy of spice markets and bazaars. SHOR’s chef-driven menu elevates Desi cuisine, focusing on Afghani fare, complemented by a revolutionary non-alcoholic beverage program. For more information, visit www.ShorBazaarLA.com or follow them on Instagram at @shorbazaar_la.

Executive Chef Imran ‘Ali’ Mookhi, a co-founder of SHOR, brings his passion and creative vision to the innovative eatery, influenced by his Pakistani heritage and extensive culinary expertise. Moving to the United States at 17 years of age, he spent his first few nights living in the airport before venturing into the highly competitive Los Angeles restaurant scene. Driven by his passion for food and culture, he climbed the culinary ladder through mentorships with Michelin-starred chefs, helped open several restaurants, and later founded his first eatery in 2020; the lauded Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen in Fullerton. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chef Mookhi and the team successfully navigated the hurdles, securing two Michelin Bib Gourmand awards for Khan Saab in 2021 and 2023, before embarking on this next venture with SHOR.


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