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Clean Eatz Kitchen Announces Partnership with the NBA G League

Clean Eatz Kitchen Announces Partnership with the NBA G LeagueClean Eatz Kitchen recently announced their newly struck sponsorship agreement with multiple franchises of the NBA G League. A total of 17 NBA G League franchises have entered in the deal with Clean Eatz Kitchen to provide their players and personnel with healthy meals throughout the upcoming NBA G League Season.

“We’re very excited about these new relationships, as they’re our first sponsorship at the professional sports level. It’s heartening to see some of the nation’s leading athletic organizations recognize the value that Clean Eatz Kitchen can bring to their programs and the impact that proper nutrition can have on their performance,” says Clean Eatz CEO, Jason Nista.

Clean Eatz Kitchen will be providing healthy meals and snacks throughout the season to help the team supplement its nutrition for players and staff. “Blending my past experience as a Sports Dietitian within the NBA G League and my current position as a consulting Sports Dietitian for Clean Eatz, gave me the perfect opportunity to help lead a collaboration aimed at complimenting the performance nutrition resources available to these athletes,” adds Clean Eatz Kitchen Dietitian, Crystal Zabka-Belsky.

“Our partnership with Clean Eatz plays a large part in continuing to provide the best player development experience for our team members by ensuring that healthy meal options are consistently available throughout the season. The convenience and variety of options that Clean Eatz offers makes it easy for our players and staff to choose from a wide selection and prepare the meals in a quick and efficient manner that fits their lifestyle,” Windy City Bulls President, Brad Seymour, explained.

As the Clean Eatz franchise concept continues to take hold with new locations in untouched and existing markets around the country, so too will their influence grow. Affording them the ability to continue working hand-in-hand with top movers and shakers to advance the understanding and adoption of clean eating in as many American communities as possible.

For more information on Clean Eatz Kitchen, please visit https://www.cleaneatzkitchen.com.

Clean Eatz Kitchen Announces Partnership with the NBA G League

Clean Eatz Kitchen, headquartered in Wilmington, NC, is a market-leader in ready-to-eat meal plans sold DTC and through any of the brands 90 traditional brick-and-mortar Clean Eatz locations nationwide. Founded as a stand-alone restaurant concept in 2011 that started franchising come 2015, Clean Eatz was co-founded by husband-and-wife duo Don and Evonne Varady as a means of helping individuals and families to change their lives by providing them with better nutrition options, a steady dose of health and wellness education, and a diverse support community that’s committed to helping each other in becoming their best selves.

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