Home Restaurant Clean Eatz Debuts New Fall Menu Featuring Guilt-Free Comfort Foods

Clean Eatz Debuts New Fall Menu Featuring Guilt-Free Comfort Foods

Wellness-Inspired Restaurant Concept Embraces New Season with Refreshed Fan-Favorites

Clean Eatz Debuts New Fall Menu Featuring Guilt-Free Comfort FoodsClean Eatz, one of the nation’s fastest-growing health and wellness restaurant concepts, is celebrating the seasonal change with the unveiling of a new fall menu for its 100 franchise locations nationwide. The new menu features cleaner versions of some comfort food staples, packed with the same chef-inspired, dietician-approved nutrients that our bodies crave, at only a fraction of the calories.

Some of the newest items to hit the fall menu include creamy, whole-grain Mac ‘N’ Cheeze, along with its signature Pretzel Bites, perfectly paired with low-sodium Queso. The brand is also embracing the latest TikTok trend of “Wrap Hacks” with three new flavor-packed Meltz: Chicken Parmesan, Epic Chicken, and Queso Steak. Fans of the franchise can also expect an introduction to the Meat & Taterz Wrap, a healthy take on the classic steak and potatoes Sunday dinner. And while working to incorporate something unexpected, the Clean Eatz team created its new Chickpea Wrap, amplifying the flavors of the Clean Eatz classic whole wheat and garlic herb with every bite.

The new menu also includes an overhaul of the Clean Eatz drink lineup with eight new, low-calorie, health-conscious smoothie flavors capable of satisfying any craving. Flavors like Orange Pushup (220 calories), Chocolate Covered Strawberry (255 calories), and Mudslide Mocha (440 calories), to name only a few.

“The Clean Eatz lifestyle is as diverse, flavorful, and ever-changing as they come. It’s why an entire movement has sparked up around the brand, which we call ‘Clean Eatz Nation’,” said Evonne Varady, Co-Founder of Clean Eats. “In contrast to competing notions, clean eating is anything but bland and uninspired, and brand enthusiasts new and old will have the chance to taste that for themselves when they enjoy some of our team’s freshly curated creations.”

As families return to their busier lifestyles with kids back in school this fall, it’s important to note Clean Eatz’ weekly rotating meal delivery menu. Stylized to conform to the lifestyles of fitness enthusiasts, health nuts, and/or families on the go, the fully-cooked, microwavable meals are available to ship out nationwide, with no subscription plan necessary. All such meals remain under 600 calories and lay a focus on portion-control, as well as on a healthy balance of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Perfect for those looking to balance personal wellness with a hectic daily schedule.

To learn more about Clean Eatz and its unique place in the health and wellness franchise space, visit https://www.cleaneatz.com.

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