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CampusX and Mews partner up to revolutionize hybrid hospitality in Italy

Mews, the industry-leading hospitality cloud that recently surpassed 5,000 customers and won Best PMS at HotelTechAwards 2024, has been chosen by CampusX (CX Campus & Hotel) to power their busy portfolio of hotels and student accommodations.

Operating nine campuses and almost 5500 bed spots, CampusX runs the two biggest campuses in Italy, CX Roma Torvergata and CX North of Milan, opening next September. To support a rapid expansion into hybrid hospitality, the team replaced their legacy PMS with Mews, a cloud-based hospitality platform.

“As CX started growing, we realized just how limiting legacy systems are,” shared Sonia Bastiani, Head of Sales & Distribution at CampusX. “Mews is a much better fit for us. We’re especially happy with the open APIs, an intuitive interface, and the possibility to work with beds as well as rooms.”

Since switching to Mews, CampusX has noted significant improvement during off-season. Running on a flexible PMS let them target different groups of guests at different periods of time, generating better prices and boosting profitability. The brand is getting the most out of the hybrid model by maximizing their use of assets through Mews Spaces.

“Innovate, scale and stand out – with the right tools and mindset, hospitality success can be as simple as that,” said Matt Welle, CEO of Mews. “Our award-winning tech and expertise help ambitious hoteliers like CampusX deliver remarkable experiences to students, digital nomads and community seekers, all while operating efficiently and profitably.”

CampusX aims to create an enjoyable working environment for their staff, and that involves user-friendly training. With Mews, training is well structured and it takes only a few days. Having an easy-to-use system is imperative for a hybrid provider with young employees.

The team considers integrations vital for their business and values easy connectivity. Mews gives them access to the best hybrid hospitality solutions, from business intelligence to housekeeping.

“Moving away from expensive and time-consuming integrations has been life-changing,” continues Sonia Bastiani, Head of Sales & Distribution at CampusX. “Technology is saving us a lot of time. We can organize everything better and dedicate more attention to guests.”

CampusX plans to run 11 campuses on Mews by 2025, thus becoming a leading presence in the Italian market.

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