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Be A “Vibe Flipper”: Blast Out 5G Positivity

For as long as I can remember, it has been common to refer to people as having a particular type of “energy” such as by saying, “Oh, she has such good energy!” or “He is such a negative person.”

Yet after three decades of presenting hospitality training workshops, I have come to understand and refer to this concept in a new way: a human “vibe.” I’m not sure where my inspiration came from. Perhaps it was conversations with my Gen Z son who loves the word “vibe,” or maybe it was from my love of reggae, where musicians often sing of “good vibes.”

These days, during our KTN hospitality training workshops, I suggest that participants imagine themselves putting off a signal like a cell phone tower and then ask themselves: Do you wanna be a weak analog signal? Or do you want to blast out 5G Positivity! The choice is yours every day because if you choose not to choose, your signal will be a weak one.

When you walk through the staff entrance, if you don’t make a conscientious choice, you will be vulnerable to being overpowered by the “vibes” of others, because you are essentially putting out a weak analog signal. Your “frequency” will experience interference from others, like the sound of a distant AM radio station fading in and out when you’re driving down a dark highway. If the first few guests you encounter throw off negative vibes, you will likely find yourself absorbing their negative energy field and inadvertently passing it on to those you encounter later.

On the other hand, if you make it a habit to imagine yourself powering up to 5G positivity before you walk in, your strong signal will prevail and literally blast away whatever analog waves are vibrating around you.

5G Positivity truly is a frame of mind we choose every day, much as you select a particular shirt, tie or blouse to put on. Others can see it just as plainly as the uniform or nametag that you are wearing.

Surely, it is displayed physically by way of a smile, confident eye contact, and open body language, but I believe that through their emotional intelligence, humans will sense your energy field even more deeply. Although invisible to the naked eye, your energy field will radiate positive vibes that subconsciously impact everyone you encounter.

What’s more, your sense of power will grow as the day progresses. Why? Because every time you flip someone’s vibe, you are upgrading them from analog to your 5G level (or at least up to 3G), and you in turn can then absorb their vibes. In other words, when we make it our job to bring out the best in others, it automatically brings out the best in ourselves.

Now, regardless of whatever vibe you give out, you are surely going to encounter some powerful negative forces in the course of an 8-hour workday. Sometimes these forces are more than just weak analog signals, but more like a strong microwave blast beaming down from a satellite.

That’s why when you power up to 5G each morning, you need to also imagine your vibe creating a protective force field all around you, much like Susan Storm, The Invisible Girl from the Fantastic Four has. Then later, when you inevitably encounter negative people, literally imagine their vibes being deflected to the emptiness of outer space where they can harm no one. Choose forgiveness over resentment. Imagine that there might be some underlying, unimaginably tragic reason for their behavior. Chances are you, just might be right!

On a final note, it’s also important to learn how to recharge your 5G Positivity power bank, and if you ask me, gratitude is the abundant source to plug in to. Gratitude truly can be your secret superpower, always available like the portable charger you might carry in your backpack or purse on the go.

So, when the alarm on your mobile phone goes off in the morning, hit that snooze button just one time and spend the first 5 minutes of your day being grateful. Start with the most basic things such as being grateful that you woke up! In a safe, clean home, with breakfast food waiting in the kitchen. Be grateful for your health and the love of your family. Be grateful for your job, however humble it might be.

Then, move forward in a positive way, knowing that you have a meaningful purpose in life: blast out 5G Positivity, and flip the vibe of everyone you encounter.

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