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7 ways to promote your restaurant for St. Patrick’s Day 2022

While St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday filled with green attire, rainbows and endless pints of beer, it’s also a day reserved for tasty dishes. And as a restaurant owner, you understand the importance of taking part(y) in these national celebrations

So take the time to prepare your restaurant for St. Patrick’s day promotions and help diners celebrate the luck of the Irish with your restaurant. 

Use these pot of gold tips to help you capitalize on one of the biggest restaurant holidays of the season.

1. Offer alcohol for delivery

Lucky for you, St. Patrick’s Day is the highest-grossing day of the year for U.S. bars and restaurants. And unsurprisingly, those sales are coming from alcohol. So whether diners are drinking pints of green beer on-premise in the name of St. Patrick, or ordering traditional soda bread from their homes, it literally pays to hop on the alcohol delivery trend.

Adding alcohol and cocktails has become a huge opportunity for restaurants on Grubhub Marketplace to easily upsell the average orders by a whopping $14-15. Follow this guide to see how restaurants are incorporating the latest to-go cocktail trends in their Grubhub delivery and pick-up strategy. 

2. Create game-day deals

Finding a pot of gold isn’t the only big prize of the month. Basketball fans all over the country are also in search of the best restaurant promotions during March.

Use the Big Tournament to create special game-day food bundles and party packages within your delivery menu on Grubhub. Include restaurant favorites or name each combo after one of the basketball teams playing. Appetizers are likely to be the winning item, so make sure to prepare for larger volumes of orders.

When you join Grubhub Marketplace, you can easily add Smart Promotions and Loyalty tools to leverage our customer data in a way that’s proven to increase orders and customers.

Every holiday is a great opportunity for restaurants to create a special bond with diners who love to celebrate them. This St. Patrick’s Day, stand out from the crowd and capture your customers with deliciously themed food. Add some fun green food coloring or develop a brand new green dessert. Or, try putting your restaurant’s own modern twist on traditional Irish dishes like:

  • Guinness Beef Stew
  • Soda Bread
  • Corned Beef & Cabbage
  • Potato Leek Stew

Looking to reach more customers and drive more orders? Use Grubhub to offer unique deals through the platform to anyone that schedules a pick-up order at your restaurant.

4. Decorate your restaurant

It’s no doubt that in order for restaurants to be successful, a strategic online presence is vital. In fact, 45% of U.S customers say they’ve tried out a new restaurant after seeing their posts on social media. And we all know there’s no better way to get diners in your doors and into the holiday spirit than with a fun photo opp.

Although it doesn’t take much to get Guinness-guzzlers in the celebratory mood, decorations are a fantastic way to promote your restaurant on social media. Use bright elements like green and gold balloons, shamrock beads, leprechaun cut-outs, and green glitter hats to paint the town green and encourage selfies all around.

5. Keep the party going

In 2022, St. Patricks Day is on a Thursday, which gives your restaurant the perfect occasion to keep the Irish parties going all weekend long.

Use the days leading up to the 17th to promote different promotions happening each day (don’t forget about brunch!). Use delivery and pick-up orders to your advantage to slip in branded printed fliers and encourage attendance to the daily festivities.

Another great way to get ahold of customers’ attention is by utilizing Grubhub Direct, your branded ordering website customized just for your restaurant with zero marketing fees.

When you join Grubhub Direct, you get access to your own customer data, allowing you to send emails to your customers directly about how they can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your restaurant.

6. Social media engagement

Promotions are the easiest way to bring people to your restaurant and a great way to encourage on-premise and off-premise dining. If the inside of your restaurant is dripping green, use social media and your restaurant’s website to promote the exciting St. Patrick’s Day festivities you’ll have going on.

For even more exposure, find the best St. Patrick’s Day-themed graphics and create shareable, drool-worthy content to drive hungry diners back to your restaurant’s online ordering page. 
But don’t stop with St. Patrick’s Day! Use this guide for the five types of content your restaurant should be posting to further build loyalty and diner engagement.

With the influx of Irish celebrators, it’s the perfect time to test out some of 2022’s most trending food items like buffalo chicken tots or a CBD-infused green cocktail.

Even better, restaurants on Grubhub Marketplace can use their delivery and takeout data to fuel their strategy. With the ability to track performance, get data-driven insights, and personalized recommendations to get in front of more customers, restaurants can drive more orders and capture repeat order volume during the holiday.

The Best St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

The easiest way to promote the holiday is to honor its most beloved traditions! And no, we’re not just talking about green beer.

In Chicago alone, stouts saw an uplift of 688%, and in Boston, a historically Irish American city, stout sales jumped 355% from the previous week, says NeilsenIQ. So be sure to offer the holiday’s most traditional drinks, along with some playful and creative extras!

  • Guinness
  • Murphy’s Irish stout
  • Shamrock shaker – An espresso martini with baileys, of course!
  • Irish whiskey 
  • St. Paddy’s Punch
  • Jameson Jell-O shots
  • Leprechaun shake – Novelty desserts are still all the rage, so make your best green shake topped with ice cream and Baileys
  • Irish Bailey’s Floats – Root Beer’s newest partner in crime
  • Lucky Charm Shots – Ice cold Baileys with crushed lucky charms on the rim will have anyone feeling lucky

Your business beyond St. Patrick’s Day Promotions

Get lucky with National Food Holidays

While diners across the country are wearing green, you can prepare to serve them winning dishes well beyond St. Patrick’s Day. For your customers, national food holidays are a great reason to celebrate new and old food faves, often at a discount. (And they’re a great way to get prospective customers to click that order button.)

Use our Guide to National Food Holidays and learn how to strengthen your 2022 promotional strategy and discover the best tips for using social media to maximize your efforts and reach more hungry diners.

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