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5 restaurant promotion ideas to drive more revenue

The college basketball tournament is coming. 67 games. 179,560 heart-wrenching, bracket-busting, Cinderella-storying minutes of action—and your restaurant can’t miss a single one. So don’t. Use these tips on how to grow your business, along with Grubhub, to conveniently offer the delicious food, tasty snacks, refreshing drinks and other essentials your hungry diners need to enjoy every minute of the mania.

March 2022 Promotion Ideas for Bars and Restaurants

While the college basketball teams battle it out all month long, fans are eager to build their own brackets and follow their favorite teams to the end. Although the mania lasts the entire month of March, restaurants can use Grubhub to meet fans where they’re at and ensure that they don’t have to miss a minute.

Offer game-day deals

Promotions are the easiest way to bring the fans to your restaurant and a great way to encourage on-premise and off-premise dining. If your restaurant has that perfect game-day setup, use social media and your restaurant’s website to promote viewing parties on-premise. While diners are watching the game and enjoying delicious food, offer them a deal on their next delivery order to enjoy the next game.

Looking to reach more customers and drive more orders? Use Grubhub to offer unique deals through the platform to anyone that schedules a pick-up order at your restaurant. 

Create special game-day menu items

It’s not just the fans cheering who can have all the fun. Use the tournament to create special game-day food bundles and party packages within your delivery menu on Grubhub. Include restaurant favorites or name each combo after one of the basketball teams playing. Appetizers are likely to be the winning item, so make sure to prepare for larger volumes of orders.

Is your restaurant located in a team’s home base? For the fans who made it to the watch party, offer a free drink if your team wins! Or better yet, if they lose. Nothing cures the #basketballblues like free delivery, right?

Use alcohol to increase online order sales

March is the ultimate month to capture basketball fans and deliver their favorite beer straight to their door. Adding alcohol and cocktails has become a huge opportunity for restaurants on Grubhub to easily increase the average order volume by a whopping $14-15. Read how restaurants are incorporating the latest to-go cocktail trends in their Grubhub delivery strategy.

Encourage diner engagement on social media

It’s no doubt that in order for restaurants to be successful, a strategic online presence is vital. In fact, 45% of U.S customers say they’ve tried out a new restaurant after seeing their posts on social media. 

Easily connect with your audience online by taking part in the March mania. Get your diners involved by creating a bracket of your restaurant’s best appetizers for hungry diners to vote on which will be half-off on their game-day delivery order. Use Canva to find tournament-themed graphics and create shareable content to get your restaurant noticed. 

Keep an eye on restaurant trends

With the influx of orders, it’s the perfect time to test out some of 2022’s most trending food items like a juicy impossible burger or spicy buffalo chicken tots.

Even better, restaurants on Grubhub Marketplace can use their delivery and takeout data to fuel their strategy. With the ability to track performance, get data-driven insights, and personalized recommendations to get in front of more customers, restaurants can drive more orders and capture repeat order volume during the Big Tournament.

Use spring holidays 

The championship game will be played on April 4th, so while there’s plenty of time to put together a winning promotional strategy for your restaurant, the big game is not the only slam-dunk event happening this spring.

How to grow your restaurant business in 2022

Keep winning with National Food Holidays

While diners across the country are preparing their brackets, you can prepare to serve them winning dishes for the big game and beyond. For your customers, national food holidays are a great reason to celebrate new and old food faves, often at a discount. (And they’re a great way to get prospective customers to click that order button.)

Use our Guide to National Food Holidays and learn how to strengthen your 2022 promotional strategy and discover the best tips for using social media to maximize your efforts and reach more hungry diners.

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