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5 Common Problems in the Hotel Industry that Frustrate Guests

Guest problem n°1: Not having easy access to information

Guests need to be informed of hotel measures and procedures well before their arrival. They should be given this information without having to seek it out themselves, and via the channel that suits them best.

According to a research, 46% of guest enquiries by SMS on the day of arrival relate to check-in procedures: reception opening hours, whether there’s a car park or baggage service…the message is clear: information has not been communicated, yet it is of immediate concern to the guest; it is the day of their arrival and they should already know what to expect. Another figure confirms this: 87% of guests would like to have more information before they check-in.

How can this be remedied?

① Automatically send arrival procedures at the time the guest needs them, so they can easily access them (by email the day before or morning of their arrival). Make their life easier by including your address, your opening hours (or simply confirm that your reception is open 24/7); send them a summary of their stay; confirm the services they have already booked; remind them of any available services that might interest them, etc.

② Before arrival, send them a text or WhatsApp message with your address
to make it easier to get to your hotel. On most smartphones, this address will turn into a link to a maps app (Google Maps, Maps, Waze…). This seemingly insignificant message highlights how reachable you are, sharing your number with your guest who will have this at their fingertips should a problem arise during their arrival.

Arrival text in the guest’s language

③ During the stay, offering a digital room directory accessible through a QR-Code placed in the room is a good way to provide information that will always be up to date and can even vary depending on the guest. With a flash of the camera, they can find all the hotel’s services, which they can order immediately, or access tourist recommendations in the surrounding area.

⚠️The aim is not just to send the same message to all your guests, but to ensure that all key information is communicated effectively. Information about the hotel will be the same for all guests, but the services you promote, options they can book or recommendations you suggest should be personalised to each individual.

⚠️Instant messaging is a powerful communication channel but should be used wisely to avoid bothering the guest. It also relies on teams being reactive and efficient. You cannot take 24 hours to reply to a WhatsApp in the same way you can an email, hence the need for a tool to manage multi-channel messages more efficiently.

Guest problem n°2: Having to repeat information that you have already shared

Confirming information is fine, but doing it multiple times is not. There is nothing more frustrating than having to fill out your details, ID, passport number, etc. upon arrival when you have already done this ahead of time.

How can this be remedied?

① Use a CRM that centralises this information in guest files.
Guest information is often spread across the different software a hotel uses: up-to-date details and information about past, present and future bookings in the PMS; room service orders and dinner reservations in the restaurant software; treatment bookings in the spa software; reviews left by guests in the e-reputation software, etc. A central software will not only allow you to compile this data, cleanse it, remove duplicates and organise it in each guest’s file, but will also allow the hotelier to access all up-to-date information from a single screen.

360-degree guest view

② Harmonise your communications with guests. It is difficult to monitor your communications with guests across different channels (email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger…) without missing any or sending duplicate messages. To maintain a high quality of service, you must ensure that no request goes unanswered, and above all, be able to access the history of conversations. A CRM paired with sending functionalities across different platforms is an indispensable tool to ensure that each team member stays up-to-date on guest interactions.

③ Train your teams to be meticulous in their use of the tool.
For efficient data management, you need to ensure that the correct use of the tool is clearly communicated with your teams. Guest Profile allows you, for example, to create lists of guests according to a number of precise criteria (number of stays, weekend/weekday, age, business/leisure, satisfaction rate, language, country, booking channel, etc.) that can be used to send, for example, newsletters containing special offers or requests for reviews, but for this to happen, the lists must be organised and used correctly.

⚠️ If a guest verbally tells one of your employees their telephone number, the team member must remember to update the guest profile. Or for example, guest feedback expressed at check-out can also be added to a guest profile for reference for future stays in that hotel or another in the same group.

Guest problem n°3: Being subjected to a badly-organised hotel

A forgotten request, poor communication between teams, contradictory information or even long delays in replies, all these situations frustrate guests who come to a hotel to relax. Being organised when delivering a service is the least you can do, especially in a sector like hospitality that involves various professions and a lot of operational organisation. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the number of procedures has increased significantly and at the same time, team sizes have decreased. Organisation has therefore become key in delivering a quality service.‍

How can this be remedied?

① Equip yourself with a task and procedure management tool adapted to the hotel industry.
You cannot expect good work without good tools. This type of software works like a digital logbook, making your employees aware of what has gone on in the hotel in their absence and to resume their work efficiently, but also to be able to monitor what is happening in the hotel from afar. Paired with the ticketing functions used by all guest support software, the tool means you will never miss another guest order, report of a problem or any other request received through different channels (over the phone, verbally at reception, by text, etc.) and ensures they are properly handled by the people in charge.

② …


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