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10 things to know about revenue management

10 things to know about revenue management

Hotel Revenue Management is an innovative economic discipline that involves the harmonious and integrated use of sales channels, distribution strategies and market-oriented dynamic pricing to obtain the highest profits possible from each hotel.

This ebook from Franco Grasso Revenue Team is an introduction to revenue management for executives, general managers and hotel owners. Within the ebook “10 Things To Know About Revenue Management”, you’ll learn the principles of revenue management.

What Are The Topics?

Below you find an overview of all topics.

  • Hotel revenue management
  • Bottom rate
  • Historical data
  • Starting rate
  • Forecasting
  • Revenue management software
  • OTAs
  • Sales on static channels
  • Purchasing patterns
  • Brand reputation


Franco Grasso Revenue Team is worldwide leader in the field of revenue management consulting & outsourcing. In more than 15 years, we have supported more than 2,000 hotels in more than 20 countries on 5 continents. The average growth in revenue per new hotel is 20%.

Franco Grasso Revenue Team consists of more than 40 experienced revenue managers and hoteliers and 9 offices across the globe. Combining the power of technology and AI automation with human expertise and daily consultation, the dedicated revenue manager plans and executes the optimal commercial strategy for a specific property. We monitor its performance seven days a week to maximize profitability. We identify and distribute the right price for each segment and inventory on a daily basis per online and offline channel.

The dedicated revenue manager handles all configurations and contents on the hotel tech systems (pms, channel manager, otas, CRM etc.), manages daily communications with OTAs account managers, trains and works in tandem with in-house staff, and shares performance reports with owners and top managers.

Revolution Plus, our RMS, is included in the outsourcing service. The 24/7/365 service is on a “No cure No Pay” basis, so it”s risk-free. No fixed fees are required. Fees are based on a percentage of the achieved incremental revenue versus the best historical year, pre or post-covid, or versus budget.

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